Behavioral Health Benefits

AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware members can get behavioral health services. Behavioral health services can help you with:

  • Mental illness.
  • Drug use.
  • Alcohol use.

If you think you need these services, talk to your primary care provider (PCP). This is the best place to start. Tell your PCP how you feel. Ask about behavioral health providers who can help.

You can find behavioral health and substance use disorder providers with find a provider. Or call AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware Member Services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at:

  • Diamond State Health Plan: 1-844-211-0966 (TTY 1-855-349-6281).
  • Diamond State Health Plan-Plus: 1-855-777-6617 (TTY 1-855-362-5769).

In a behavioral health crisis or emergency?

If you are in an emergency, call 911.

If you are in a crisis, call Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health's 24/7 behavioral health crisis intervention services:

  • Northern Delaware:
  • Southern Delaware:

Covered behavioral health services

These services are covered by your Delaware Medicaid plan. These services need to be medically necessary to be covered. Your benefits and services depend on your age and the Medicaid plan you are in.

Addiction services: These services help you stop using alcohol or drugs. You may or may not get these services in a hospital. For members under 18 years of age, AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware covers 30 outpatient hours per year. Hours above 30 are provided through DSCYF.

Behavioral health outpatient services: These are planned, regularly scheduled visits with a doctor, counselor or therapist. You will talk about your behavioral health issues. This can include:

  • Individual, family and group therapy.
  • Psychological and/or neuropsychological testing.

For members under 18 years of age, AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware covers 30 outpatient hours per year. Hours above 30 are provided through DSCYF.

Inpatient hospitalization for mental health and substance use disorders: This is the most serious care you can get. This is care you get in a hospital. You may be hospitalized if:

  • You are at risk of harming yourself or others.
  • You experience a behavioral health crisis.
  • Your medicines need to be watched closely.
  • Other care didn’t help your problem.

Services for members under age 18 are provided by DSCYF.

Psychiatric residential treatment facility (PRTF): This service is for members younger than 21 years old. It provides long-term, 24-hour care in a group living facility. Services for members under age 18 are provided by DSCYF. Members who are ages 18 to 20 are covered by AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware.

Autism services

You can get services if you have autism spectrum disorder, such as:

  • Applied behavior analysis.
  • Family counseling.
  • Parent training.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Speech therapy.
  • Occupational therapy.

AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware covers the first 30 outpatient hours per year. Hours above 30 are provided through DSCYF.

Crisis intervention and stabilization: This is to help you in a crisis, or emergency. These services help keep you from needing an emergency room or a hospital stay. You can use these services at any time. You can get a ride for this service. If it is an emergency, call 911. If you are in a crisis, call one of the crisis numbers below.

24/7 Behavioral health Crisis Intervention Services are also available statewide from the Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

  • Northern Delaware:
  • Southern Delaware:

You can also go to:

  • Crisis Intervention Services. 
  • Community Mental Health Centers.
  • Recovery Response Centers.
  • Emergency room.

Crisis Intervention Services staff are available 24 hours a day to help people with severe personal, family, or marital problems. These problems may include depression, major life changes such as unemployment or loss of an important relationship, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, thoughts of suicide, delusions, paranoia, and misuse of drugs or alcohol. Members can call or drop in to the crisis intervention location closest to them, including:

Northern Delaware

  • Mobile Crisis Intervention Services (MCIS):
    Herman Holloway Health Campus
    1901 North DuPont Highway, Springer Building
    New Castle, DE 19720
  • NET Detox:
    3301 Kirkwood Highway
    Wilmington, DE 19804
  • Recovery Innovations Crisis/Restart Program:
    659 East Chestnut Hill
    Newark, DE 19711
    Restart Program: 1-302-300-3100
    Crisis Center: 1-302-318-6070

Southern Delaware

  • Mobile Crisis Intervention Services (MCIS):
    700 Main Street (rear entrance)
    Ellendale, DE 19941
  • Harrington Detox:
    1 East Street
    Harrington, DE 19952
  • Recovery Response Center:
    700 Main Street
    Ellendale, DE 19941

Find local support. Use our Wellness Resources for more behavioral health help.

Mental Health Parity

AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware reviewed processes, strategies, and/or evidentiary standards (as applicable) to determine compliance with Mental Health Parity regulations in Delaware and the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA). Based upon that review, AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware has met established regulations for Mental Health Parity for the calendar year of 2021.

AmeriHealth Caritas Delaware Mental Health Parity Attestation (PDF)