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Act Now — Medicaid renewals restarted on April 1, 2023!

Are you still eligible for Medicaid coverage? Have questions about Medicaid renewals?

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Fight the flu this fall

Getting a yearly flu vaccine (shot) is important for protecting your health and well-being. We advise all of our members to get their yearly flu shot from their primary care provider (PCP) or local pharmacy.

Take action to fight the flu
Mobile Wellness Center

New Mobile Wellness & Opportunity Center

Our state-of-the-art Mobile Wellness & Opportunity Center will provide community services in easy‑to‑access locations at no cost to members.

Find out when we’re coming to you Averigüe cuándo estaremos en un lugar cerca de usted

Stay Healthy and Earn Rewards

You could earn a $25 reward on your CARE Card by completing your Health Risk Assessment (HRA). There are several ways you can complete your HRA.

Begin earning rewards today